Ramp Ranch Skatepark

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10355 Hwy 29

Liberty Hill, TX 78642

Mon-Sat. 12pm to 10pm; Sunday 12pm to 7pm

Indoor wooden skatepark, 20,000 sq. ft. Ramp Ranch is divided into six different sections. This allows the maximum amount of people to skate at the same time without having that crowded feeling. The park is split up like this: Street course A, Street course B, Flat Ground Area, 7' miniramp, Foam Pit, and Bowl.

Obstacles and Features:

  • Wedge ramp approx. 2' 8" tall w/ 12' flat and a nice small handrail.
  • 18' flat ledge w/ round and square coping.
  • Triangle ledge approx. 18" tall.
  • A new pyramid constructed at the beginning of November has a hip and bowl corner and a shark fin ledge on the other side.
  • 6' extension was built 10/27/04 to increase speed for spine maneuvers. This ramp also contains a 2' high ledge all on a 4' quarter that connects to the bowl.
  • 4' wedge, 3' quarter, 18" step-up, both rails about 2' in height.
  • 4' bowl, 8' roll-in, 9' vert wall.
  • Foam Pit! 4' launch.
  • Wall ride, 4' quarter, 6' wall, 12' wide.
  • 5' spine + pyramid.
  • 6' long wedge-2-wedge w/ A-frame ledge.
  • 5' 6" Half Bowl w/ 90 and 45 degree hips.
  • 7' mini w/ 2-8' extensions and wall ride.
Skatepark Rules
  1. Helmet required / Pads optional.
  2. Equipment Rental is Available - Deposit Required.
  3. RampRanch can not except waivers signed by anyone except a parent or legal guardian.
  4. Before using park, riders under 18 must have a wavier on file that is signed by a parent or guardian.
  5. Riders over 18: Before using park, riders over 18 must bring a proper id to validate age. Riders without a signed waiver on file will be required to sign a wavier at the park before riding.
  6. New owners insurance require new waivers on file: If your waiver was signed prior to Oct 2002 you must sign a new waiver.


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