The Edge at Allen Station Skatepark

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201 E. St. Mary Dr.

Allen, TX 75002

8am -11pm

Allen, TX is located NE of Dallas and has the largest public skatepark in the state at 37,915 sq.ft. The park was designed by the Site Design Group and built by Eric Dawkins.

The park features a large street area connected to a bowl. Plus two other bowls. One is a flow bowl with a spine, hips and a mild oververt pocket ranging in 5-8ft in depth. The other bowl is a tight clover bowl ranging in 6-9 1/2ft in depth. On top of that, the park has a really smooth finish.

The park allows boards, blades and bikes, so it does get very crowded. The park is also unsupervised, free of charge, lit and open everyday.

-Carter Dennis

Other Info:
  • Elements include street fixtures including stairs with handrails to "ollie onto" (ed:I love this!), boxes, rails, ledges, a "picnic table" (not for picnicking), wide variety of bowls and transitions ranging from 6' - 9 ˝' deep, steel coping throughout for grinding and a large amount of bank slope areas for beginners to practice on.
  • Lighted facility
  • Restroom access and water fountains available on the east side of the youth center.
  • Fees: None, the skatepark will be free to all users. (Fees may apply during special events and for clinics/classes.)
  • Equipment allowed: Skateboards, in line skates and bikes (pegs must be covered). Scooters will not be permitted in the skatepark.
  • This is a HIGH RISK activity. Safety equipment, including but not limited to helmets, knee and elbow pads, are STRONGLY RECOMMENDED.

The Edge at Allen Station Park officially opened its gates on June 4, 2005. Located on the south end of Allen Station Park, the complex features a concrete skatepark, two roller-hockey rinks, BMX track and youth center. The skatepark is now the largest outdoor facility of its kind in the state.
Skatepark Rules
  • Skateboards, in-line skates & BMX freestyle bikes (with covered pegs) only.
  • Protective gear (helmets, knee, elbow & wrist pads) is strongly recommended. (Injuries are no fun.)
  • Inspect the park before using. Stay off when wet, icy or other hazardous conditions exist. (Help us keep your park fun…let Parks and Recreation know if there is a problem, 214-509-4700.)
  • Look before you go…don’t drop in on others…wait your turn!
  • (Like Mom always says…play nice.)
  • Check bad behaviors at the gate including foul language, tobacco & alcohol use, or anything else that might get you in trouble.
  • Graffiti = park closed! Don’t allow this to happen. Report anyone you know who does something to close your park!
  • No extra stuff like ramps and jumps are allowed. (In a place like this, you don’t need them!)
  • To our younger users…make sure the adult person that brought you stays with you.
  • Take care of your park and it will take care of you.
  • In an emergency, call 911
Source and City of Allen

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