Arbor Skatepark

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650 Plum Creek Pkwy

Lexington, NE 68850

Dawn - Dusk

Lexington's Skate Park is at the southeast corner of Arbor Park near Plum Creek Parkway and Maple Street. The park boasts a 100' x 90' concrete surface with a 20-foot half-pipe, 3 quarter-pipes, a bank ramp, a jump ramp, pyramid, skate table, bench, tall box, rails & misc.

Under Nebraska law, a political subdivision is not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant in recreational activities resulting from the inherent risks of the recreational activities pursuant to section13-910.

Skatepark Rules
  1. Skateboarding and roller skating only
  2. Helmets, elbow pads, wrist guards and knee pads required
  3. Only city-installed equipment may be used in the skating area or adjacent park area
  4. Use of tobacco, alcohol or drugs is prohibited
  5. No food or drink allowed in the skating area
  6. No glass items permitted
  7. No graffiti, stickers or littering
  8. No profanity
  9. Skate at your own risk

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