Maloof Skatepark at RFK Stadium

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2400 East Capitol St SE

Washington, DC 20003

dawn to dusk

The Maloof Skate Park at RFK Stadium is an outdoor venue for skateboard lovers of all ages and skills. Located in Parking Lot 3 adjacent to RFK Stadium, this 15,000 square foot facility is available daily for public use from dawn to dusk. Parking is free for persons attending the skate park.

Designed by Pro Skater Geoff Rowley and California Skateparks, the Maloof Skate Park at RFK Stadium is the first major skate park in Washington, DC. Inspired by Freedom Plaza and the architecture along Pennsylvania Avenue, the skate park includes replicas of the Golden Rail and Freedom Plaza Ledges. Located by DC's Metro Center rail station, the Golden Rail was made world famous by local skate boarders.