Calais Skatepark

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Calais Avenue

Calais, ME 04619

dawn to 10PM

This is a unique skatepark as it was designed, funded and built entirely by the youth through their high school Tech Ed Program and with lots of community support.

The ramps range from a 8' to 4' high q-pipes to flat banks with ledges, to a 40' long series of banks and q-pipes, to a 'crusher' with a rail, to many movable ramps, to a large pyramid. A new 16' x 24' street ramp unit is currently under construction by the Calais Skatepark Committee which has been functioning since 2000.

A building with bathroom and concessions is on site and lights are available until 10PM

Skatepark Rules

Helmets and pads are strongly recommended. The park is under 24 hour video surveillance. NO SMOKING. Respect for the efforts to create and maintain this skatepark are expected.


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