Woodward Skatepark of Philadelphia

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1943 Franklin Mills Circle #100

Philadelphia, PA 19154

9am- 5pm

For all you new guys or girls who may not be too comfortable on our bigger ramps, this section has all the boxes, quarter pipes, bank ramps, fun boxes, rails, and hubba ledges your heart desires. The boxes are low, and start at about 6 inches, and the quarter pipes start at 2 foot and go to 4 foot.

This section of the park has hubbas, handrails, pyramids, bump to bars, hips, quarter pipes and the list just goes on. Our course was professionally designed and built by the ramp builders over at Camp Woodward.

Whether you are a pro bmxer or a tranny dog, this is a dream come true! Quarter pipes surround this area, 6 foot and 7 foot to be exact. A big fly box, spine, pyramid, and a rainbow ledge help to keep the flow.

If you are looking to huck some air this ramp can help you out. 13 foot high and 40 feet wide gets the job done.

Oh, and what's that? You just snapped the tail off your board? Well no problem. Just stop off at our extensive and always growing skate shop. We carry all the top name brands from alien workshop to zero.

Woodward Skatepark of Philly is open 7 days a week for all you hardcore athletes. We encourage spectators to come in and check out some of Philly's hot new, up and coming athletes. So what are you doing still reading this? Get up and get into the Woodward skatepark of Philly today!
Skatepark Rules
  1. All participants must wear a skate or bike helmet. Those under 18 years must also wear elbow and knee pads. Participants age 16 or 17 may wear helmet only if parent/legal guardian signs additional release. PLEASE BE ADVISED: elbow and knee pads enhance safety. Failure to wear pads will substantially increase risk of injury.
  2. All participants must file a waiver with Woodward Skatepark before entry (ESPN X Games Skatepark waivers are no longer valid). Participants under the age of 18 must have their Parent/Legal Guardian sign the waiver in the presence of a Skatepark employee. A notary public must stamp and sign any form not signed in the presence of a Skatepark employee. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  3. All participants must ride/skate safely at all times and avoid collisions. Fighting and aggressive behavior will not be tolerated, and will result in immediate removal from the park.
  4. No food or drink allowed inside the park area. Equipment and personal items must be stored outside the park area. Woodward Skatepark is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  5. Smoking, illegal substance and profanity is expressly prohibited in this facility.
  6. All participants must be at least 6 years of age to participate.
  7. Shirt and shoes must be worn at all times while in the Skatepark.
  8. Report any ramp damages or safety concerns to a staff member immediately.


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