Lawton Skatepark

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230 E 4th St

Fort Wayne, IN 46805

6am - 11pm

Lawton Skatepark is located near the corner of Clinton Street and 4th Street in downtown Fort Wayne. The Skatepark's 20,000 square foot facility has 9 tons of reinforced steel, 500 cubic yards of concrete, and is lit at night (requires a button to be pressed) until the park closes.

The park is surrounded by an 8' fence and has one turn-style entry at the east side. There are beginner, intermediate and advanced areas and has bowls, ramps, and "fun boxes" that imitate city scape. The most advanced bowl has a 9' drop off!

Skatepark Rules


  1. Protective gear is required.
  2. No food or drinks in the skating area.
  3. Bicycles and scooters are prohibited.
  4. This facility is for skateboards and in-line skates only.
  5. Do not use the park is ice, snow or other unsafe conditions are present.
  6. Spectators must remain outside the fenced area.
  7. Children 12 and under shall have adult supervision.
  8. Movable objects are not allowed anywhere in the park.
  9. Graffiti will not be tolerated. The park will close until removed.
  10. Vending, competition or demonstration require permits.
    Contact Park and Recreation at 427-6000
  11. Personal conduct, activities and behavior:
      NO Drugs or alcohol
      Vulgar or offensive language
      Tagging or Graffiti
      Sign, stickers, decals or other advertisement
      Fighting or other violence
      Firearms or weapons of any sort
      Amplified music

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