Kaneohe Skatepark

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45-660 Keaahala Road

Kaneohe Oahu, HI 96744

Dawn to Dusk

(9/5/02) NEW CITY SKATEPARK TO OPEN IN KANEOHE ON FRIDAY - The City�s newest skatepark will open at the Kaneohe District Park with a blessing ceremony at 3 p.m. on Friday, September 27, 2002. The 7,500 square foot concrete facility was championed by the Kaneohe Vision Team, and provides a venue that accommodates skateboarders of all ages and all skill levels. It is the ninth such City facility to be put into operation. Five others are in the planning or design stages, and the City is reviewing requests for eight more.

�We appreciate all that the Vision Team and local skateboarders have done to create this facility. Like all of our skateparks, we expect that it will be heavily used,� said City Managing Director Ben Lee.

The design consultant was Bryce E. Uyehara, AIA, and the contractor was PER, Inc. Work was started in April of this year and included grading, excavation and construction, as well as landscaping and the addition of a new sidewalk. The project cost $226,000.

Don't know too much about this one other than the fact it is considered a to be a smaller park. Looks like a 3' funbox and 5' hip layout surrounded by a bunch of ledges. From the reports we're getting it seems it isn't even worth a 5 minute drive to check out. Reports of poor flow and bad design put this park on the 'don't even bother' list. From what we understand, you can't even ride the 5' hip without running directly into a nearby ledge??!


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