Girdwood Skatepark

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Girdwood Alaska

Girdwood, AK 99587

AKA Aleyeska Skatepark or Glacier City Skatepark, is a small town skatepark that is well worth the gas money. There's usually not alot of skaters here so the place is nice and the lines are countless. Girdwood Skatepark includes a 4 foot mini, bank ramps, 4,6,7, and 8 foot quarter pipes with perfect transitions. Pyramids, boxes, rails, kicker ramps and ledges are also spread out throughout the park. If you are anywhere near Girdwood, be sure to hit this skatepark for a few minutes. There's also a convenience store right across the street for refueling. Be sure to check this out!

Girdwood is just 37 miles south of Anchorage and the tiny community is nearly ringed by the Chugach Mountains.

Skatepark Rules
No Pads required.

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